‘This is not my photo!’

Sadly, hair doesn’t just reappear on bald heads, but in this clever campaign called ‘The Hair Giveback’ for Regain it does, albeit in photo-form.

The agency behind the campaign, Grey Advertising Bangladesh, sneakily collected photos of the baldies who headed into a local shop to have their passport pictures taken and then digitally added a full and naturalistic crop of hair to the images whilst secretly filming the whole shenanigan.

When the men ventured back to the store to pick up their passport photos they found, in picture form at least, they suddenly had hair.

The men’s reactions are the best part of the clip, with some looking amused, some confused, some bemused and others just outright furious. Once the gag was revealed however, and the men realised they’d been caught on candid camera, they saw the humour of the situation.

Ads of Bangladesh explained the rationale of the campaign:

“In general, people with baldness believe that baldness has no solution. Regain, the clinically proven brand to stimulate hair growth, wanted to shake up this mindset and make people open to the possibility of hair re-growth. Our challenge was to get their attention when they aren’t even ready to listen to any such conversation. And our idea was quite simple.

Photo-studios were selected as the intervention point to turn the bald heads into heads – full with hair. The surprise element came with the brand message included during the delivery of their original passport-sized photos.”

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