No Mau stalking

Just when you thought New Zealand was a relatively paparazzi-scandal-free zone, think again: ACP Media, publishers of Woman’s Day, have hit back at allegations made by Ali Mau on TVNZ’s Breakfast in which she claimed the magazine has been stalking her and her family.

In a press release issued by ACP Media Limited, chief executive Paul Dykzeul refutes claims that the vehicle spotted by Mau belongs to any staff member or associates of the magazine.

“Whoever has been watching Ali for over a month has nothing to do with our magazine company,” says Dykzeul. “The photographs that appear in this week’s edition of the magazine were taken over a 24 hour period and Ali’s children were not present at any time. We know there are boundaries when researching stories and we would never intentionally step over them.”

While she remains quiet about the revelations of her alleged relationship with another woman, Mau yesterday made quite some noise on the show, as she held up a copy of the magazine (as well as a copy of New Idea) and some of the photos in question.

“…a Woman’s Day paparazzi photographer has been stalking me, my children and my friends for a month now…”, said Mau, as she offered some nice objective reporting on ‘What’s in the women’s mags’.

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