Nike ups the ante of ‘Just Do It’

Nike Australia has taken a fresh approach to its ‘Just Do It’ slogan, in a series of videos showing athletes going to make their workouts extra challenging.

Shot by Wieden+Kennedy, Portland in locations across Australia, one of the video watches a woman let her car roll down a cliff and burst into flames before she runs home, while another shows a man disregarding security around a piece of art to trigger the alarms and a swarm of security officers who he runs away from.

There’s also a teenager who tempts fate but putting his dad’s prized car in a crusher before kicking a soccer ball at the stop button and another who handcuffs herself to one of the leaders of a marathon runner in a challenge to keep up.

Throughout the spots a few Australian athletes make an appearance including league player James Tedesco and long distance runner Genevive LaCaze.

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