Don’t call it ‘just’ a rump steak

Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) wants you to stop undermining “the greatest meat on earth” in its latest campaign via Sydney-based agency The Monkeys.

The two-minute long, musical-style spot begins when an unassuming man walks into his local butcher to ask for “just” a rump of steak. But when the butcher takes offense at the man’s seemingly casual tone, he launches into a superlative musical number reminding the man of Australian beef’s sheer “greatness”.

“You wouldn’t call the Great Wall ‘just’ a wall, or Everest ‘just’ a foothill in Nepal,” sings the butcher, before going on to list a number of other “great” things in life, including the Mona Lisa, space travel and Mum’s bolognese. 

The ads also feature cameos from successful Aussies to help prove the butcher’s point, including Home and Away actress Kate Ritchie (“Did Kate ‘just’ do a spot of telly?”)and Olympic swimmer Leisel Jones (“Did Leisel just enjoy the occasional dip?”).

Earlier this year, MLA launched a similarly grandiose campaign to celebrate lamb. Coinciding with Australia Day, the ad drew plenty of controversy for its decidedly political slant, declaring that “aren’t we all boat people?” as a number of different settlers and immigrants gathered on a beach for a communal barbecue. 

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