Nielsen’s top 30 spenders on advertising

Who are New Zealand’s biggest spending brands? Nielsen has shared the top 30 spenders on advertising for the last three years and each list appears to be a shuffled version of the one that came before.

Source: Nielsen AIS data to Sep 2017

The top four spenders for the last three years ending September 2017 featured Foodstuffs NZ, The Warehouse, Progressive Enterprises and Harvey Norman appearing in a different order each year. They all spend over $60 million a year.

The local telcos all make an appearance on the list, with Spark and Vodafone alternating each year for the biggest spend. Both sit in the top 10 each year while 2degree’s remains at the bottom in 30th position before moving up to 28th. Compared to the top spenders that each spends over $60 million a year, 2degrees spends an average of $17 million.

ANZ Banking Group is the sole representative of the banking industry across all three years, sitting in the middle of the top 30 spenders, while IAG is the only insurance company. It appeared in the October 2014 to September 2015 and October 2015 to September 2016 top 30 lists at 21st and 28th position respectively.

McDonald’s (17th, 18th and 20th) and Restaurant Brands NZ-KFC both sit towards the smaller spend end of the list (20th, 20th, 14th) and Air New Zealand has slid down the list in the last two years (14th, 15th and 25th).

NZ Transport Agency also sits in the middle each year with its spend putting it in 18th position for the first two years and 16th for the last.

The remainder of the companies making it onto the top 30 biggest advertisers list are retailers, FMCG brands and anomalies, including NZME’s inclusion in the October 2016 to September 2017 list in 23rd position.

The lists reflect the findings of NZ Marketing and TRA’s ‘Agency Perceptions’ research that asked agency heads to share their thoughts on New Zealand’s biggest brands.

It found ANZ and AIG are seen to have bigger budgets than their competitors, Spark and Vodafone are level with each other, and Countdown (Progressive Enterprises) and New World (Foodstuffs NZ) are in the top six.

Steinlager is seen as the brand with the biggest budget.

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