Newcastle’s upfront social strategy

Newcastle Brown Ale’s ‘No Bollocks’ campaign is a true gem and shows that there is some truth left in advertising (“now we handcraft the same delicious beer using huge, giant machines“). And it’s continued to give traditional marketing practices a ribbing (and stock footage companies a boost) with its latest promotion, which offers punters a cheque for $1 when they sign up to its Twitter account. 

While there’s some debate over the ethics of buying followers, or like farming, Newcastle is very open about the offer. As it says, very honestly: “Sure, we could come up with a cool fan contest, create exclusive content, or make up a unique hashtag, but it’s summer and we’d rather just get our of here. Why endure the unsolicited marketing of other beer brands for free when you could endure Newcastle’s unsolicited marketing and get paid.” 

The brand is giving away $50,000, so if you want your branded cheque, sign up here

Newcastle’s last major piece of work was based around not having the money to make a Super Bowl ad, but imagining what it would have made if it did. And it milked every last bit out of that idea. 

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