New Zealand Post’s shift to digital continues apace with marketing ‘realignment’

It's been a rough few years for New Zealand Post, with the decline in traditional mail leading to a number of restructures, the sale of assets and plenty of cost cutting. And there's more change on the horizon, with comms manager John Tulloch saying there's "a bit of a realignment going on" across various parts of the business at the moment, including the marketing team. 

A source told StopPress the whole marketing team was being disestablished, but Tulloch says that's certainly not the case, although he admitted there is the possibility of job losses. The marketing team has been split into two teams, mail & communications and channels, and he says it is currently talking to members of staff about their roles. It's a two-week process and final decisions are expected to be made by 1 July. 

"I don't have any details about specific teams. It's a mix of some jobs being disestablished and new jobs being created."

It's not just marketing that's affected, however. He says the realignment also impacts other areas of the business and it is a continuation of the evolution New Zealand Post has been going through since it made some big strategic changes around two years ago to deal with the decline in revenue from traditional mail. 

He says "it's fair to say some of the new roles are more focused on digital side of things. It's looking at specialising". 

He says the work New Zealand Post is doing to monetise digital channels is ongoing and this is now being led by Localist director and ex-general manager of customer experience, Nick Fox, who took up the role of general manager of digital platforms in June. 

As he says on his LinkedIn profile: "We know that NZ Post needs a legitimate digital play to sustain its future, this role is responsible for making this happen. We have a number of initiatives in this area in various stages of readiness, this role brings them under a single owner. I have only been in the role a few weeks… it is still a WIP. Standby." 

New Zealand Post has recently made some big changes to Localist, flagging the print directories and focusing on the "mobile recommendation engine". It's also moved to a more transactional model with its Localist Store EDM (past chief executive Blair Glubb has also been replaced by Christina Domecq).

In an effort to get a slice of the 'digital messaging market', it launched YouPost in the middle of last year. And YouShop allows Kiwis to ship goods bought from US retailers back to New Zealand. 

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