New year, new eyes

The new year is a time where we all reevaluate our position in life. We think about our wishes, our resolutions and our fresh starts. But, it should also be a time where we think the lives of others, whose wants and needs are simpler than ours. French community service association Deuxième Marche aimed to remind us of the homeless and their needs this new year, by giving them more visibility to express themselves.

For the campaign, the association, with the help of advertising agency GloryParis, went around asking the homeless in Paris what their wishes were for the new year AKA 2016.

The answers were humbling and surprising and varied in response from getting married, to wanting a woman to be president, to finding a cure for stupidity.

GloryParis then called on some graphic designers to create beautiful new signs for them to replace their cardboard ones to express these wishes, and increase their visibility on the street. Their reactions when being given the signs are priceless.

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