New World turns its people into products in Colenso BBDO’s informercial-style campaign

The ‘Every Day a New World’ brand campaign earned plenty of fans when it was launched last year (even some from Australia). And New World and Colenso BBDO have followed that up with a series of four ads that aim to, as Foodstuffs’ group brand director Jules Lloyd says, “showcase the craft, expertise and quality of food across our fresh departments, highlight our key points of difference and shift some customer perceptions”. 

“Many customers are not aware that almost every New World in the country has trained butchers on-site, as the preparation of all meats cuts are behind-the-scenes; that our seafood departments have some of the freshest fish available and often offer a greater fish and shellfish range than other stores; or that we have dedicated bag packers at check-out to ensure that customers spend as little time in queues as possible.”

So it developed the ads to celebrate the fresh departments and brought its experts to life by creating the In-store Master Butcher, the Fishmonger Genius, the Deli Expert, the Daily Baker, the Fruit and Veg Pro and the Dedicated Bag Packer. 

Lloyd says it was essential that real New World staff were at the heart of this campaign. And 23 staff feature throughout the series. 

“We wanted to capture our Fresh Experts’ passion for their category, show-off their expertise as well as their desire to deliver the best for our customers. These ads celebrate the superb jobs they do every day, but this time in front of the camera and this is no small ask,” she says. 

Colenso BBDO’s managing director Nick Garrett says it tried to balance the need for a functional layer of communication with a playful creative idea. And executive creative director Steve Cochran says the new series is loosely based on the infomercial style but with a very stylised direction designed to cut through the clutter.  

“Walking the line between parody infomercials and slick brand ads was an adventurous direction. We didn’t really know where it would take us. But with the encouragement of a brave client, the enthusiasm of a passionate director, Steve Hudson from Prodigy and the contribution of many up-for-it New World staff members, we hope we’ve created a campaign that is as fresh as the food it features,” he says.

The campaign will launch with the In-Store Master Butcher on Sunday night.

And, in other Foodstuffs news, the next edition of Real magazine will be its last.

“Due to changing consumer needs, New World and Fairfax have decided to move on to other things,” says Foodstuffs’ Katharine Klouwens.

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