New Telecom logo meaningless

New_Telecom_logoStarburst, snowflake, asterisk, abstract wires? Your guess is as good as ours in describing Telecom’s new logo, designed by Designworks.

“What we are saying here to people is that this is all about you. It is literally whatever you want it to be. This is about self-expression,” says Telecom director of brand and marketing Craig Herbison.

Telecom CEO Paul Reynolds describes the new logo as “creative, energetic, full of expression – very fresh and very modern”.

The logo was unveiled last Friday as part of a laser light show on Auckland’s Ferry Building. Head down at 8.30pm to see the spectacle, running till Tuesday 20 October. It follows the theme of Telecom’s last launch in May for the XT network, when Auckland’s Town Hall was lit up in a similar light projection show.

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telecomlvl3You won’t see the new logo on Telecom’s website just yet. It’s being introduced slowly, as existing campaigns come to an end.  So far no word on the cost of the whole rebranding initiative, but we do know the current Telecom logo, introduced in 2003, cost $140,000.

What do you think of the new logo?

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