MasterCard taps into nostalgia to inspire more ‘priceless’ moments

In early 2009 MasterCard was announced as the second worldwide partner for the 2011 Rugby World Cup (RWC) and the TVC campaigns flowed shortly after. One of the first, ‘MasterCard Roadshow’, saw the boys in black racing with drinks on trays in one hand and baguettes in another. But the unveiling of the latest round of TVCs—at the hands of agency McCann Sydney and Prodigy—reveals a more emotional and grass roots-orientated campaign, honing in on the memories of those who made history and those who watched it happen. 

The priceless moments campaign comprises three TVCs—one two-minute film and edited versions for Samoa, New Zealand and South Africa. And although Australia doesn’t feature in the ads, and despite the fact that Samoa and South Africa do, the TVCs will only be appearing on Kiwi and Australian screens (here’s the star-studded ad for the Australian RWC effort).

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The Kiwi campaign harks back to 1987 when the All Blacks coach took the team to the rural countryside to train with Waiararapa locals. It’s all feel good and warm, with one local sharing a memory of baking some brownies for the team.

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South Africa’s film steps back to 1995, where Chester Williams is a hero and the locals regale exactly why they love him so much (his multiple try-scoring antics resulting in the RWC win might have something to do with it). There’s even talk of nudity.

Youtube VideoThe Samoan TVC, which was featured on TVC of the week last month, opens with shots of traditional tattooing action and memories of scoring a try in the first RWC Samoa participated in in 1991.

These longer documentary style ads will appear on certain sports programmes on Australian and New Zealand TV and selected MasterCard regions.


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