Naked, Famous and Special

Kiwi ‘post-punk revival’ band The Naked and Famous have recently been holed up in Los Angeles studio trying their best to overcome That Difficult Second Album Syndrome for In Rolling Waves (by the way, That Difficult Second Album would be a great name for a debut album). And the band has once again called on Special Problems to direct the music video for its new single ‘Hearts Like Ours’.  

Since 2009 Campbell Hooper has created eight films for The Naked and Famous with his partner Joel Kefali and the latest effort is described as “a modern fashion film dragged through the mind of David Lynch, a hive of haunting imagery, of fleeting familiarity dotted amongst strange obscurity”. 

Working from their Special Problems design studio, the duo had also created all the band’s artwork to date. And for the new album, Kefali has done it again, with the album cover featuring a deconstructed anemone. 

“The record feels large, expansive and eternal. I wanted to convey this through an object that is physically small but feels large…” says Kefali. 

Singles ‘Young Blood’ and ‘Punching In A Dream’ from the album Passive Me, Aggressive You’ received more than 35 million views on YouTube and Vevo with films made by Special Problems. Agencies also fell into the slipstream, and “theirs became the go-to soundtrack for gaming, Hollywood and TV shows mining a zeitgeist of young and interesting”. 

In Rolling Waves is due for release via Fiction Records (Universal) on September 16.


Artist – The Naked and Famous

Title – ‘Hearts Like Ours’

Director – Campbell Hooper of Special Problems

Producer in Los Angeles – Jeff Keith

Producer in New Zealand – Eve Mackay

DOP in Los Angeles – Autumn Durald

DOP in New Zealand – Andrew Stroud & Bill Bycroft

Editor – Campbell Hooper of Special Problems

Post – Campbell Hooper of Special Problems

Stylist – Maryse O’Donnell

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