Mrs Claus gets in on the action

Directed by Tom Hoope (The King’s Speech and Les Miserables), the three-mintue ad starts like any other traditional Christmas tale, with Mrs Claus sending Santa on his way with hot tea, a snack, a  hot water bottle and a warning to stay away from the mince pies.

However, after she kisses him goodbye and reminds him of Australia, she steps into action by responding to a letter of her own from young Jake, who wants to cheer up his sister for Christmas.

Swapping out her sweater and slippers, Mrs Claus dresses in an elegant red ensemble before heading out on a snowmobile and then a helicopter—which she drives herself—armed with a special present.

When she touches down at Jake’s house, Mrs Claus opts not to use the chimney, instead sneaking in the front door to place the present under the tree and to eat the mince pies.

The present delights both Jake and his sister, and Mrs Claus makes it home in time to curl up on the couch with ’50 Shades of Red’ before her husband returns.

The Christmas ad space is heating up, and this modern-twist on Mr and Mrs Claus is going up against the beautiful Waitrose ad that follows a robin through a snow covered landscape, and the musical Sainsbury ad featuring James Corden’s vocals—both have also been released this week.

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