Mountain Dew continues to preach the practice makes perfect mentality

Frucor has well and truly proven its marketing chops with V, the country’s biggest energy drink brand—and one of the most progressive and ballsy advertisers. But with one in every two beverages sold in New Zealand being a soft drink, the future of the company required it to be credible in that space. Frucor is the bottler for the PepsiCo brands like Pepsi and Mountain Dew, and it’s been on a mission to win the hearts and minds of younger consumers for a few years now, so following up the multi-award-winning Skate Pinball and Beyond the Wall campaigns, it’s continued to target that market, releasing a series of nicely shot videos as part of the ‘to get to easy you have to go through hard’ campaign.  

Around the world, Mountain Dew has long associated itself with extreme sports (for example, human bungee) and the 60 second clip ‘Directions’ has so far clocked up over 400,000 views. Colenso BBDO and Finch also came up a range of skateboard decks for Mountain Dew that reveal the campaign’s message as the skater grinds away the bottom (while there was talk about this product’s innovative nature, a number of StopPress commenters pointed out that similar things had been done before). And, given the focus on the youth and Colenso BBDO’s involvement, it’s not surprising to see there’s also a social/digital aspect to this campaign, with skaters asked to post pics of their ‘journey to easy’ on the Facebook page and tag it with #MountainDewEasyisHard for a chance to win one of the decks. 

To launch the new Mountain Dew ‘white out’ variety, it ventured to the mountains and continued the same practice makes perfect manifesto, with an ad showing the small distance between nailing a trick and being picked up by ski patrol, as well as a clip showing its back of the ute giveway tour.  

By creating some compelling youth brand platforms, the major PepsiCo brands have had double digit growth over the past three years, reversing a decade of flat sales. And that was an achievement that earned Frucor PepsiCo’s Asia Pacific Bottler Of The Year award in 2013. 

“We’re very lucky in that we’re seen from a PepsiCo perspective as a little innovation hub,” says Frucor’s commercial development director and current marketer of the year Aisha Daji Punga. “We’re the only bottler in the world who’s allowed to do the marketing inhouse. The rest of it is done by Pepsi. So we said ‘if you want some breakthrough and transformation, this is the way you should do it’. And they’re now buying work from us, which is exciting.” 

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