Morton feels the festive love, offers free beer to office minions

The DB Export brand team, Honor Dillon and Dave Shoemack

The rather interesting story of Morton Coutts, the serial inventor, crafty bugger, co-founder of DB breweries and brewer of DB Export, has been spread fairly widely across the ad landscape over the last few months after Colenso BBDO’s rather large relaunch of the brand. The father of the Export family, DB Export, is currently back on shelves for a limited period as part of a 50th anniversary celebration. And ‘Morton’ and a few of his friends are once again dishing out some liquid Christmas cheer as part of its ‘Workplace Shout’ promotion.

To celebrate the relaunch of their founding beer and founding brewer, DB is giving away 20 dozen Export Dry or Export 33 (what, no Export?) to 15 worthy workplaces across the country.

“To enter, workplaces can simply visit our website www.dbexportbeer.co.nz and register their company, then flick the link onto their friends and workmates to get them to support their ‘Workplace Shout’,” says Honor Dillon, DB Export’s brand manager. “The more backing a workplace gets, the better their chance of winning.”

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