More pixels, please

We’re pretty sure there won’t be enough pixels in the world until we can distinguish our faces when the Earth is photographed from space. That said, Getty Images is offering some remarkable Giga-pixel and 360-degree images of some of the world’s biggest news events.

In a picture of the Royal Wedding, for example, you can zoom in close enough to view the terrified smile of Kate Middleton, who’s wondering what the hell she’s signed herself up for.

Getty has also been taking Giga-pixel images for clients such as Adidas, and photographed a panorama of the Rugby World Cup game between the All Blacks and Italy last year.

The photography company also has a raft of photographers on-staff who specialise in 360-degree panorama photography. 360 degrees means you can see what was above and below the photographer, not just in front, behind, left and right.

Panoramas are particularly useful for sporting events–and for getting the first shots of the royal baby–but the photographers have also been taking panoramas of some of the world’s most interesting buildings.

London Olympics 100m final

All Blacks vs. Italy​

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