Radio rebrand waves continue—UPDATED

In a move that draws parallels with the Radio Network’s recent Classic Hits’ station brand shift, MediaWorks’ More FM has also been busy on the refresh front, unveiling a new look that features a spotted logo and the positioning phrase: “Live it. Love it. Sing it.” According to More FM Network programme director Ande Macpherson, who joined the station in February to help reconnect the brand to its core values, there’s been a disconnect with what More FM actually stood for.

To help hone in on the station’s values and what it represented, Macpherson says the station embarked on stakeholder research, which involved talking to listeners, staff, clients and agencies.

“The overall message was that there wasn’t clarity over what More FM stood for or what it did,” he says.

“The fundamental stuff of a radio station is okay but the emotional connection is what people get.”

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

The “Live it. Love it. Sing it” phrase is being rolled out via a brand campaign that features women who can’t stop singing the songs they love to hear on More FM, something the station says “captures the spirit of its people and its music”.

“The Sing it campaign is about how it feels to hear great music coming out of your radio,” says Macpherson. “This new campaign is cheeky, fun and about our listeners. It’s about how it feels to be totally lost in the moment.”

The logo was created by Al Best of Mod Squad, who says he didn’t want to stray too far from the existing brand because it already had good equity.

While he explored visuals that included graphic equalisers and LED lights that are used in radio station studios, he says the main inspiration was the sound wave formation, with a result that is “fresh and fun” and has “movement”.

The new look and brand for the station has also been accompanied by some musical changes. As well as music from the last few decades, the station says it also plays “exciting new artists” like Brooke Fraser and Lady Gaga, as well as championing artists like Cee-Lo Green and Aloe Blacc—artists it says people born before 1986 can still appreciate.

Macpherson isn’t new to the game of radio brand makeovers. He’s worked on five different radio station rebrands so far, the most recent —prior to joining More FM—being George FM.

More FM’s new positioning will make itself known via a national TVC campaign, billboards and print.

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