A moral debate

Is it quicker to take a life, or save one? That’s the question raised by the Polish Red Cross in its latest campaign, which challenges the moral code of its audience as convicted murderers learn to save lives.

‘Life after death’, by the agency Grey Group Poland, follows the story of inmates in Warsaw prisons who take first aid classes to obtain a Red Cross first-aid certificate.

Empowered by the ability to perform CPR, executive creative director Jakub Korolczuk told AdFreak, the convicted murderers now have a way of redeeming themselves.

He said the audience would start to raise questions about what is good and what is bad: “What about me, supposedly a good person, who yet can’t save someone’s life? Who is good here?”

Inspiration for the campaign came from a recent project by the Pedagogium Foundation.

The foundation, which is centred around rehabilitation of children and young people, recently worked with convicts who were out of prison to cover their prison tattoos which inhibit them from getting a job.

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