Monteith’s takes a leaf out of DB Export’s book with time travelling Colenso campaign

Colenso BBDO’s DB Export campaign used the brand’s—and the founder Morton Coutts’—history as a focal point. And the DB Export Dry Ad also played the nostalgia card well. Now the pair are looking back again for a new Monteith’s brand campaign. 

Monteith’s went back on TV in 2011 after a five year hiatus to spruik its Single Source variety, with an edited clip of Zoe McIntosh’s documentary. But it’s back with a brand ad that tries to talk up its West Coast heritage. 


The 60-second story of Monteith’s starts in the 1860s in the heady gold mining days of the West Coast when Stewart Monteith set up his brewery (he was soon jailed for running that brewery). It then moves through to the 1940s and finishes in a modern day Monteith’s bar with the line Keep Exploring (Monteith’s has also been running with the Keep Exploring tagline in outdoor and print advertising over the summer). 

As the lead says: “It’s not all about what you’ve done, it’s what you do next that counts,” and that’s a quote that could equally apply to the big breweries and how they handle the acquisition of smaller breweries (in  1969, DB bought the Westland Brewing Co. in Greymouth and in 1990 the name of the brewery became Monteith’s). 

Monteith’s says the TVC was captured in one take, an impressive accomplishment in videos with so much movement. But would a viewer know (or care) the video was shot in a single continuous motion?

“It looks nice and feels more creative to have the background change while the bartender travels through time,” says Simon Smith, a spokesperson for Monteith’s.

The 60-second Monteith’s TVC has a high-impact media schedule through to May. In addition there are also four 15-second product TVC’s featuring Monteith’s Crushed Apple Cider, Monteith’s Summer Ale, Monteith’s Pacific Pale Ale and Monteith’s Brewers Series. 

Let’s hope DB and Colenso have their history right this time. 

StopPress is seeking further comment from Colenso BBDO.



Clients: Monteith’s: Jennie Macindoe, Sam Allen Jarrod Bear

Executive Creative Director: Levi Slavin

Creatives: Simon Vicars, Brett Colliver

Head of TVP: Jen Storey

Group Account Director: Tim Ellis  

Account Director: Sophie Martignier 

Film Company: Revolver 

Director: Steve Rogers

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