A rare breed: Mitsubishi encourages the brave to get their hands on exclusive ute

It’s no secret humans have a strong desire for products that only few can get their hands on. There’s a pleasure in the exclusivity and marketers have long used the scarcity principle as a sales tactic.

As Investopedia puts it, consumers place a higher value on goods that are scarce rather than on goods that are abundant.

Mitsubishi is harnessing that insight for a Field Day Campaign in which only 20 of its Triton Huntaway are available to be purchased.

As the promotional video, filmed in Wellington by Assignment, demonstrates the new Triton Huntaway II and describes it as a “rare breed”.

It’s hitting TVs the week commencing 3 June, but has already launched on social media, with the video earning over 5,500 views in its first five hours on Facebook. Similar to a video released last year, it opens with close-up shots capturing the vehicle’s features before it’s taken off-road for a spin, putting those features to the spin.

The narration gives a clever play on the vehicles features and limited availability, building hype with the line: “If you don’t catch it now, you won’t see it for dust.”

But while the campaign is similar to that of a year ago, back then only one Triton Huntaway concept truck was developed and it was displayed at the Field Days. However, with the vehicle also being promoted in a TVC and social videos and that racked up over one million views, Mitsubishi’s call centre was inundated with Kiwis wanting to purchase the truck even though it wasn’t for sale.

Now Mitsubishi is sure to be hoping that enthusiasm remains and the 20 Triton Huntaways are snapped up.

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