Mitre 10 ‘sandpit kids’ NZ’s fave ad

The Mitre 10 ‘Sandpit kids’ ad has been voted by the NZ public as the Best Ad in Fair Go’s annual ad awards. It crunched the competition in the votes it received (view the nominees list here). Its five-year-old stars, Ruben and Benjamin, truly stole the show and won the hearts of our nation. Made by DraftFCB, MD Justin Mowday made special note of this ad in our recent post.

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And the Worst Ad award went to … Telecom XT for the famously irritating, improbable and OTT ads starring Richard Hammond! Hee hee. Not only did the ads’ use of ‘hyperbole’ annoy us down-to-earth Kiwis, many of us were just plain frustrated that the XT network didn’t work in our part of the country.

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Fair Go editor Graeme Muir concurs: “We’re also not sure that importing an Englishman to sell product works anymore, it used to in the 1970s and 1980s but I’m not sure Hammond worked as well as Telecom would have hoped.

“Overall, I think the XT campaign was a bit like a Hollywood blockbuster that tanked – it was a bit overblown and didn’t really deliver.”

Close-second worst ad: Cadbury ‘Eyebrows’

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