Mike Pero turns his cross-country motorcycle adventure into an ad

Mention the name Mike Pero and it’s quite likely the jingle from the radio ad will go through your head. 

We know he does mortgages and real estate, but it might surprise most to know Pero was once a motorcycle mechanic and six times national motorcycle road-racing champion between the years 1977 to 1982. 

That’s not all – he set the New Zealand land speed record for 350cc motorcycles in 1979. And that impressive record of 238 km/h still stands today.

This explains why the man himself is shown motorbiking all over the country for the Mike Pero Real Estate TVC, by Plato Creative, that went live on 8 October on TV3 and TV1.

In the “Our people, your places” campaign, Pero gets onto his motorbike in Auckland, taking with him a little red box. As he drives through the countryside, passing through Wellington and Christchurch where he waves to Mike Pero staff and customers, we see a young couple unpacking a house and setting up for a party.

The 60-second TVC concludes with Pero arriving on the couple’s doorstep (somewhere near Bluff) to celebrate with the couple and drop off the little red box – a housewarming gift presumably. 

While it is aesthetically pleasing if you didn’t know about Pero’s biker passion and had only seen the ad standalone you’d be forgiven for being a little confused or wondering exactly what happened inside the meeting that decided on the TVC’s direction.  

Pero says the company thought they’d do something completely different and came up with the idea of the chief executive riding through the country, from Auckland to Invercargill. (Perk of the role right?)

“This campaign is obviously to promote our brand, but at the same time, I love what we’ve compiled…It’s a series of beautiful New Zealand scenes and footage from the north to the south, highlighting the most picturesque scenery,” Pero says.

While the link to selling real estate might be a little tenuous, at least Pero had a blast making the ad.  

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