Mike Pero chooses floating over fixed

We’ve seen a giant duck, a giant lollie, a giant rugby ball and even giant bags of weed. Now Mike Pero has added to this nation’s huge oeuvre by financing “one of its greatest home purchases in its over twenty year history: The Mike Pero Flying House balloon”. 

The red balloon, which is almost seven storeys high, has two cats on its roof and was constructed at Cameron Balloons in England, completed its maiden flight in Auckland this week, taking off from Bayswater Marina, landing almost two hours later at Te Atatu (here’s some footage) and leading to a fair bit of chat on Twitter.

“Our flying house was a dream that became a reality and reflects the aspirations of the tens of thousands of people we have helped over the years with their hopes of buying and financing their homes,” says Mike Pero, founder of the Mike Pero Group. 

In a release, Pero said there have been some concerns by prospective homebuyers around the increase in real estate costs, especially the main cities and the availability to funds on lower deposits.

“Between Mike Pero Mortgages and Mike Pero Real Estate the two companies can take home ownership from ‘pie in the sky’ to reality for more people than any other brand in New Zealand.” 

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