MetService and Y&R unveil cheeky wee see-through number

The real and the online are increasingly mingling and the MetService and Y&R have tried to tap into that by constructing a rather novel billboard that looks like a web browser and was intended to be shared online. 

The billboard, which is located outside Y&R’s new Auckland office, aims to draw attention to MetService’s real-time weather reports with, well, actual real-time weather reports. And Y&R’s managing director James Hurman says he’s stoked with how it’s going. 

“It’s been liked something like 30,000 times on Facebook, had over a million views on content sharing site imgur.com, was buzzfeed.com‘s ad of the month, made it to reddit’s front page, and even got written about by The Sun,” he says. ”MetService is a small client the agency’s had for years and the idea is to try to get as much return on their spend as possible, hence trying to see if we could make a billboard work in a different way and generate exposure well above and beyond the norm.”

Last year, Y&R created a nice poster campaign for MetService to promote the new smartphone app and its ability to personalise forecasts. 

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