Meridian goes with the wind, Wells shoots the breeze

Youtube VideoWith a price war seemingly being waged between some of the power providers at present, Meridian Energy and Assignment Group have chosen a good time to release a very good ad. And, with the help of returning frontman Jeremy Wells, they’re sexing up wind. 

Understandably, Meridian is fairly proud of its impressive West Wind facility in Wellington, which powers 72,000 homes without any emissions, and it’s pushing the new campaign pretty hard on TV and YouTube. It’s also continuing to push its environmental, renewable credentials (moderately interesting fact: in the US, hydro power isn’t actually deemed as renewable energy anymore due to the effect it has on the rivers). But as its previous work with Mr Wells a couple of years ago showed, it wasn’t afraid to add in a bit of humour to let consumers know it was the good, responsible guy of the electricity world. And that approach has continued, as Jeremy Wells’ open letter to New Zealand shows.

Hi, I’m not sure you’re aware of this but I love wind farms. They’re sexy. They can be taken away in a jiffy without leaving a big impact on the environment. And best of all, they produce 100% renewable energy.

If I were to marry a wind farm (or maybe engage in a civil union with one) I’d hook up with West Wind. She produces enough energy to power all the homes of Wellington City and is arguably the most productive wind farm in the world… phwoaar – talk about hot.

If you’re like me and can’t get enough renewable love to satisfy your eco-soul, have a look at the videos on this page. The more you learn about Meridian and its 100% renewable power generation the prouder you’ll be. After all, it’s owned by all of New Zealand.

Anyone know where we can get a subscription to Gusty?




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