Mercury and TBWA\ capture good Kiwi deeds with damsel in distress experiment

Youtube VideoThe TBWA\ Group launched its ‘Good Energy’ campaign featuring Tiki Taane for Mercury Energy a few months back. And its digital arm Tequila\ has kept things moving with a simple social experiment to gauge just how helpful Kiwis really are.

Almost like the opposite of entrapment, the idea centred around setting up a situation to see if everyday New Zealanders would stop to help someone on the side of the road with a flat battery. And thankfully, given the campaign’s central belief that Kiwis have good energy, it didn’t take too long.

Once the car started, the Mercury Energy team rushed out of a nearby garage with a troupe of can-can dancers, a brass band, freshly signwritten banners with the name of the particular good samaritan and a bunch of flowers to say thanks to those who helped.

“We really wanted to celebrate good energy in New Zealand, and we were blown away by the fact that people arrived within a minute,” says Terri Carajannis, digital performance manager at Mercury Energy “We got goose-bumps every time someone arrived and helped.”

Filmed in just over three hours with five hidden cameras, the short video chronicles the good deeds of more than a dozen helpful Kiwis and is being used on Mercury Energy’s website, Facebook page and internal communications.

“We reckon it’s a nice, simple way to bring further substantiation to Mercury’s belief in Good Energy,” says Ross Howard, creative director at Tequila. “It was cool watching the reactions from those involved, particularly the surprise and delight at the end of the filming process. And of course, this is only the beginning, as we’re already working on a suite of other exciting projects with the Mercury Energy team to continue to promote Good Energy.”

Youtube Video

And for all you good samaritans/interested parties, here’s a behind the scenes look at the making of the Good Energy brand ad, replete with some banging ‘ard ‘ouse.


Client: Mercury Energy Terri Carajannis, Digital Performance Manager


Executive Creative Director – Andy Blood

Creative Director – Ross Howard

Account Director – Mandy Eckford Kontent

Director – Simon Mark-Brown

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