Meet the Mighties: Wendy Rayner

The 2015 TVNZ-NZ Marketing Awards are ready to be collected. So if you feel you’ve performed heroic feats of marketing over the past year, take a leaf out of Wendy Rayner’s book, submit an entry and you could also be Mighty Marketing material.

If you were collecting your own set of Mighty Marketers, whether from this market or from around the world, who would you choose and why? And what are some of the marketing initiatives that stick out for you? 

I’m going to use marketer in the broadest sense and choose Steve Jobs. He created one of the most valuable brands in the world by making beautiful and useful products that command a high price and massive demand. 

What skills do you require to be a Mighty Marketer these days? 

The ability to think creatively and be in tune with ‘your gut instinct’ to read and create the emotional appeal of your brand and comms to the target. Combined with strong commercial skills and, as always, a lot of good old fashioned gumption and hard work.

You’ve won a few TVNZ-NZ Marketing awards in your time, including marketer of the year in 2011. What are the benefits of collecting your own award, either for your own career or for the industry as a whole? 

We put heart, soul and a lot of hard work into our brands and our careers. We do it because we enjoy it. The challenge, the thought process, the creativity. However, it is extremely satisfying to be recognised by your peers for that hard work.

  • Check out the categories and download entry forms here
  • In honour of the collectables trend—and as a way to celebrate some of the industry’s best performers—we’re offering an incentive to get people to collect the whole set of 13 Mighty Marketers. So take a photo of a minimum of five of the 13 characters, either by collecting cards that will feature in the May/June edition of NZ Marketing or downloading files of marketers from stories on StopPress and printing them out, send it to [email protected] or Tweet us @stoppressnz with the hashtag #MightyMarketers and you’ll go in to the draw to win two tickets to the awards and one night at the Langham (with breakfast). We’ll let you know about the inevitable swap meets and black markets on TradeMe.

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