McDonald’s pushes on with provenance, gets its pound of flesh from ‘patty investigator guy’ Guy Montgomery

McDonald’s may be struggling globally as fast casual chains and the popularity of premium burgers eat into its share, but the Kiwi arm managed to lift sales by two percent last year. And, as part of its mission to be more transparent with the Our Food, Your Questions campaign, it’s got comedian Guy Montgomery to take punters through the patty manufacturing process. 

Josh from Tirau in the Waikato asked: “What processes does a Macca’s beef patty actually go through before it is served to the customer?” Here’s our answer: We don’t like to mince words, Josh, so let’s crack straight into it. Thanks to the top-notch processes of our supplier, ANZCO Foods in Taranaki, the only thing that is ever added to our 100% New Zealand beef burger patties is a sprinkle of salt and pepper, when they’re cooked on the grill. But your question is so popular with Kiwis, we’ve decided to show you exactly how our beef patties are made. 

In November 2013, McDonald’s New Zealand launched the local version of the ‘Our food, Your Questions‘ campaign that proved so successful in Canada. And, in keeping with the trend established during the Canadian campaign, it has used a combination of images, videos and text messages to respond to the questions that were posted. The campaign has done a pretty good job of quashing a few longstanding myths, such as the classic is “100% export quality beef” the name of the meat supplieris pig fat used in the ice cream or what’s up with that pink slime (it even got a Mythbuster to try and explain that one to US customers)? And while plenty of the videos feature franchise holders and a more serious tone, McDonald’s has also had a bit of a laugh and called on the talents of Martin Devlin to show how the Big Mac is made fresh. 

It’s unlikely that the ‘honesty is the best policy’ strategy employed by McDonald’s will help to put all the rumours to bed, but it’s a good example of using an interactive platform that can help get its messages across, rather than be at the mercy of media coverage or have answers drowned out by the haters on Facebook. 

Speaking of McDonald’s, it’s continued its run of clever packaging solutions. Earlier this year it created a takeaway bag that was also a tray. And, for the launch of McBike in Denmark, one of 24 limited time only ideas launched around the world on the same day, it’s also created cyclist-specific packaging. 


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