M&C Saatchi teams with CanTeen on provocative ‘Never Alone’

CanTeen New Zealand’s new ‘Never Alone’ campaign is designed to shock and get people thinking about the direct and indirect effects cancer has on young people.

The campaign, which is part of CanTeen’s annual appeal, officially starts on Friday but three alternate posters were put up around Auckland on the weekend with images of young people who have been affected by cancer accompanied by the words: ‘There are worse things than cancer’.

The anonymous posters were designed as a teaser to get people thinking about the effects cancer can have on young people, before the two-week long airing of the TVCs on TVNZ and Mediaworks’ channels.

The commercial shows six young people talking unscripted about all the things that are worse than cancer. “Like watching the world pass by through hospital windows, not being able to go into the hospital to see your sick baby sister because your cold could kill her, like knowing that I will never see my brother’s face again.”

CanTeen’s marketing manager, Kimberley Waters, says the statement ‘There are worse things than cancer’ has already got a lot of people talking.

“It’s designed to get people thinking, and eventually to find out that what’s worse than cancer is actually going through it alone and not having a support system in place. The whole campaign is designed to be thought-provoking and impactful, yet we feel it is done in an authentic way. Nothing was scripted or prompted. Everything they say just came out of their mouth on the day. This is as real as it gets,” says Waters.

Waters says this year celebrates CanTeen’s 25th year of supporting young people with cancer and the campaign was about getting back to basics. “It’s about educating the New Zealand public on what it’s like being a young person living with cancer.”

CanTeen worked with M&C Saatchi on the campaign, as well as Curious Films who produced the commercial under director Tammy Davis.

As well as the posters and TV commercial, the ‘Never Alone’ campaign has PR and web activity, and radio ads. The campaign is set to finish on September 29.

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