M&C Saatchi named CanTeen marketing partner, delves straight into dream machine concept

Young person’s cancer support organisation CanTeen has named M&C Saatchi as its marketing partner and, just yesterday, it launched the first of its new fundraising concepts. 

Canteen chief executive David Pearce says six agencies were involved in the pitch process all up. The selection was then narrowed down to four before M&C Saatchi was offered the job.

“We’ve been very impressed with the experience the M&C Saatchi team demonstrates right across the board—from brand and retail advertising to digital and social media,” says Pearce.

“What particularly impressed us is their focus on results and their passion to make a difference. The strength of our services for young people depends on how effective we are with making every marketing dollar count and M&C Saatchi not only get that, but also have built up an array of proof from client results to back it up.”

M&C Saatchi chief executive Darryn Melrose says that even from the first meeting with CanTeen, the agency “felt a great sense of needing to be involved and do our part in making a difference”.

“With no direct government funding we want to help them raise much needed funds so that they can continue to provide the multitude of services they offer,” he says.

The M&C Saatchi team has already been busy getting its ideas for CanTeen off the ground, yesterday unveiling the first fruits of its labour—a very cool and gypsy fair-like memory device called The Magnificent Memory Machine.

By texting in a $3 donation, you activate the machine which then allows you to type in any bad memory. The machine in turn offers up a more pleasant memory to take its place.

The machine is available online through CanTeen’s Facebook page and there’s also a physical machine located at Sylvia Park shopping centre.

Pearce, who says he just this morning entered his own bad school day memory into the machine, says CanTeen represents young people and so it was imperative M&C Saatchi develop a fun idea.

“Our members have to go through some pretty tough times and we help them get through that by giving them something better to think about.”

M&C Saatchi came up with the Magnificent Memory Machine concept within four weeks of winning the marketing partnership.

Next on the cards is the famed Canteen Bandana Challenge. Pearce says M&C Saatchi is working on a more expansive campaign for this year’s challenge, though with the campaign still eight weeks away, he didn’t want to reveal too much just yet.

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