‘May contain traces of grievances’

Waitangi Day is often mired in acrimony and argy bargy, partially because that’s what the media tends to focus on. So, in a heady combination of self-promotion and national pride, Wellington creatives Think Suite and Unlimited Ltd—with the help of some well-respected historians—aimed to create a new kind of conversation about the Treaty with its “Kiwi ‘Trojan Horse”, The Sweety of Waitangi. 

As a release says:

Whatever we think about it, there’s a view our general level of knowledge about the Treaty of Waitangi is low … The Sweety of Waitangi is a collection of dark, white, and blended chocolates, each individually wrapped in a true fact, story or mystery about the The Treaty. It’s a Kiwi ‘Trojan Horse’, that delivers interesting information in small bite-sized pieces, to help us understand more about our founding document and our history. There are dozens of facts distributed across this first limited batch. In future, we plan to make this innovative educational product available to all Kiwis. Importantly, The Sweety of Waitangi isn’t designed to challenge. It’s populist, not scholarly and the stories are without bias. There’s no agenda, other than to spark interest and conversation—not debate. 

… Although there are excellent books, articles and websites about the Treaty of Waitangi, there are often significant barriers to engagement—if only our own firm opinions. The Sweety of Waitangi is a device to break down the barriers. Effective communications use audience insight to create and deliver remarkable and surprising solutions focused on the end-user. And that’s what the Sweety of Waitangi is about.  

Racial harmony: achieved through chocolate and puns.  

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