Fruitful, metallic agency-client relationship nets unusual creative accolade

It’s often said ad agencies need to get rid of the mirrors and work more closely with their clients to understand their business. Well, Auckland design and interactive shop Fracture has taken that to another level with one of its new clients after taking out first prize for Most Creative Trolley in the recent Red Bull Trolley Grand Prix.

Employing Fracture’s design know-how and some hardcore Kiwi ingenuity from Metal Skills, the two companies created the guitar-inspired racing vehicle, with work split evenly between conceptual design and graphics and fabrication and engineering.

“The process just flowed so well,” says Fracture’s creative director Nick Fracture. “We would raise the bar, then Metal Skills would raise it even more, and back again… it was great fun. The trolley that came out the end of that was just insanely cool.”

While the collaboration was a chance for both teams to show off their serious design skills, having fun along the way was equally important. The heavy metal guitar look of the trolley was tongue-in-cheek; a play on Metal Skills being ‘masters of metal’. And true to form, with the accompanying graphics Fracture took “everything that’s so bad it’s good” about 80s glam metal album covers and, in Spinal Tap style, turned the volume up to 11.

“It’s so exciting when you put seriously clever people together and let them loose on something like this. And winning the Most Creative Trolley prize was the icing on the cake. We are rapt. It’s such a cool way to start off the relationship with a new client. There’s just massive respect between our two teams now, and it’s really set the tone for us to do some great work together in the future.”

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