MasterChef as tempting as ever?

Now in its third season, MasterChef has moved from Sundays at 8.30pm to Tuesdays at 7.30pm, so is it still pulling in the punters? According to Nielsen figures the show is more popular then ever, with over 200,000 viewers watching this season’s first episode. That’s up 40,000 from last season, and in its target demographic (25-54) it won a 29 percent audience share–up six percent on last year.

In its second week MasterChef drew a record 231,000 viewers, with a whopping 30 percent audience share, although this has dipped a little now, with only 178,000 tuning in to watch the third episode, where Chelsea Holmes was sent packing after serving up a raw spice cake.

The first season never reached 200,000 viewers, instead the audience share gradually increased week to week, steadily increasing from 21 to 23 percent in the 25-54 demo, while this season it’s more up and down… starting at 27, peaking at nearly 30 in the second week, then dropping back to a 24 percent share in the third week.

The remaining contestants are: Andrea Bathgate (Auckland), Andy Currin (Wellington), Matt Gilray (Christchurch), Alana Harper (Timaru), Al Markham ( Lower Hutt), Charlene McGechan (Rotorua), Dave McKinnon (Christchurch), Ben Munro (Russell), Chantelle O’Brien( Ashburton), Tony Price ( Auckland) Ana Schwarz ( Waiheke), Zee Tana (Auckland ), Brenton Thornton (Auckland), Chris Turner (Christchurch), Chelsea Winter ( Auckland).

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