MasterCard gets with a new programme—and looks for a Kiwi agency

MasterCard is launching a new national direct to consumer (cardholder) privileges programme in the New Zealand market, and it’s putting the call out for agencies with a bit of mana in the travel, loyalty, offer generation, experiential and POS space. 

MasterCard’s corporate affairs manager Alana Morton says it’s looking for an agency that can “support managing and creating a loyalty programme, sourcing our offers and being able to fulfill some of the travel requirements” (as it’s a new programme, it’s not part of MasterCard’s arrangement with McCann, which is currently basking in the glory of a Fair Go Ad Awards victory). So if that sounds like you, and you don’t have any conflicts (see below), check out the Request for information. Don’t say we’re not good to you. 

New Zealand – MasterCard Privileges offer and experience sourcing agency support


MasterCard Worldwide is creating a new program in the New Zealand market. 

Background on MasterCard 

MasterCard Worldwide is a driving force at the heart of commerce, enabling global transactions and brining insight into the payments process to make commerce faster, more secure, and more valuable to everyone involved. It serves a critical link among financial institutions and millions of businesses, cardholders and merchants worldwide. 

Originally formed in the 1960s as an association of member banks, MasterCard now operates as a corporation with its shares traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

In New Zealand, MasterCard partners with all the major financial institutions to offer consumers and businesses a range of products and services encompassing credit, debit and pre-paid payment solutions. MasterCard’s New Zealand office is located in central Auckland.

MasterCard’s corporate reputation is dependent on developing and maintaining positive relationships with consumers, business partners (financial institutions, merchants and technology providers) and commerce, government and community stakeholders. MasterCard also invests in its brands through consumer marketing including advertising (such as the award-winning “Priceless” campaign) and sponsorships (including the New Zealand All Blacks) 

Additional information on MasterCard, its products, services and history can be found by going to www.mastercard.co.nz and following the links.

Agency Review Process

Agencies are asked to respond to this RFI by email to [email protected] by 5pm on date Friday 9th November

On the basis of information provided, MasterCard will shortlist a number of agencies. These agencies will be provided a more detailed brief on the project and asked to submit a proposal. Should you have any queries about the review process of the RFI itself please contact Kate Bell at the details below:

Request for information:

 Please provide the following:

1. General Overview of your agency (including key personnel etc.)

2. Discuss your capabilities in creating and managing loyalty programs, generation of offers, travel services and experiences to other corporate partners.

3. Please advise if you hold a travel agency license or, alternatively, if you are able to partner with a licensed agent to source and book travel product.

4. Identify your geographical reach, that is whether you operate in markets outside of New Zealand, or have partners who operate overseas (not mandatory)

5. Highlight industry or specific client experience within your agency that would be relevant to MasterCard

6. Disclose any potential conflicts with MasterCard and suggest how conflict concerns might be resolved

 Note: The following would represent a direct conflict: Visa, American Express, Diners Club, Western Union, Paypal. Any relationships with banks, Paymark or EFTPOS New Zealand should also be disclosed, although these may not be considered as conflicting relationships.

 7. Anything else you would like to draw to MasterCard’s attention


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