The many faces of Tuatara

Following on from the 2013 redesign of its bottle, Tuatara has once again played around with the aesthetics of its beer-carrying devices—and this time the company has received a helping hand from the vampires behind Kiwi mockumentary Delicious Necks.

Featuring the the handsome visage of Nosferatu-inspired Petyr and bearing the moniker ‘immortal pale ale’, the new offering from the craft brewery has been described as seductive, a sentiment that the company’s founder Carl Vasta agrees with in the writeup on the website. 

“It says ‘seductive’ on the label and that’s a pretty apt descriptor,” says Vasta. “Seductive malt body, seductive tropical fruit hops characters (pineapple, lychee and passionfruit), seductively balanced bitterness. Dita von Teese in a scaly bottle.”

The scaly bottle design, which was unveiled in October last year, seems well suited to the vampire theme, even more so because, like vampires, Tuataras also seem to have the knack for living longer than expected.

  • Watch a video on the redesign of the bottle here.     

And this isn’t the first time that Tuatara has taken an unconventional approach to its labelling. Previously, the company had some fun with the label for its Black Light Stout, which “offer[ed]… drinkers a healthy dose of eye-melting goodness”. 

When an ultraviolet light was shone onto the monochromatic label, it would ignite in a plethora of neon colours that seem better suited to an early ’90s trance party.

Tuatara also hands out 3D glasses with its Double Trouble range to enable fans to enjoy the the full impact of the distorted label. But given that the beer comes with the punch of nine percent alcohol proof, drinkers are unlikely to even need the 3D glasses after a few of these. 


Tuatara’s vampiric addition to its tradition of weird and wonderful labels has been in stores since 19 June, and a portion of the profits has gone toward financing wider distribution of the film.       

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