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There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing a man at his most natural and a new spot for Speight’s Summit lager by Publicis Mojo that was directed by The Sweet Shop’s Steve Ayson has got all the required elements to become a new contender for beer ad of the early summer (ie man standing in river, man growing luxurious beard, man hurling rock, man yelling from mountaintop, man chasing deer, man punching boar and, of course, man drinking beer). It’s certainly much better—and much easier to understand—than man being teleported and running around the Savannah being chased by a Lion

The chanted soundtrack (‘And we can grow beards if we want to’) is also top class, although it’s still hard to beat the recent Puccini song in the recent Carlton Draught slow motion ad (‘Slow motion/Men in slow motion/Men look much better in slow motion/It makes me want to sing quite loud/ Now, now, I want a Carlton Draught, chips and lasagne/Men in slow mo…/In slow mo…/Slow motion/Blah blah blah…/Slow motion. slow motion ad.’)

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