Maintaining eye contact

Samsung has released an app called ‘Look At Me’ which aims to help children with autism maintain better eye contact with their parents and peers.

The app, which is available for Android on the Google Play store, has been developed by doctors and professors from Seoul National University Bundag Hospital and Yonsei University Department of Psychology, according to techcrunch.com.

The app engages users with photos, facial recognition tech and games which aim to increase autistic children’s ability to read emotions and communicate. Samsung says the creators of Look At Me conducted a clinical trial with 20 children over eight weeks and claim 60 percent of children tested showed improvement in making eye contact.

As Samsung’s write up on the apps download page says:

“Over 60 million people worldwide suffer from autism. Many struggle to make eye contact and have poor social skills. However, research has shown that children with autism like to interact with digital devices. Based on this insight, ‘Look At Me’ was developed to help children with autism make better eye contact and improve their facial recognition abilities through digital devices, such as smartphones and smart cameras.” 

Samsung’s website says the app should be used for 15 to 20 minutes each day and also gives feedback to parents on their children’s daily performance and progress through a “systematic parental dashboard”.

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