An edible wearable

Have you ever just loved a piece of technology so much that you want to eat it? Probably not, but now you have the option, because Dole Japan has created an edible, wearable, smart banana. Yes, you heard correctly.

Dole Japan, which has been a sponsor of the Tokyo marathon since 2008, and always supplies its bananas to runners who need an extra dose of potassium during the run, has taken its service one step further for this year’s marathon, which took place on Sunday, according to digitaltrends.com.

The wearable banana incorporates an LED screen and sensors, which have been embedded beneath the fruit’s peel so the runners could view messages of support from Twitter, their running time and heart rate as well as being informed by the banana, when it’s time to eat a banana along the way.

“The power source is a small battery connected to the wearable banana. Inside the battery there are ultra-compact LEDs and other electronic components,” says the senior manager of marketing at Dole Japan Hiromi Otaki in an interview with CNET.

Though there were 30,000 runners, only two were chosen to wear bananas, which were strapped to their wrists during Sundays race, according to competitor.com.

In related news, Japan’s largest producer of tomato-based food and drinks, Kagome, also created a contraption for marathon runners, though it’s more of a humorous marketing stunt than a serious contraption. The ‘Tomatan’, is a humanoid robot with a tomato head, which sits atop the shoulders of the runner feeding him or her tomatoes.

I now completely understand the existence of this YouTube channel, appropriately titled ‘WTF Japan Seriously!?’

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