Magical screens

In the world of smartphones, bigger is increasingly better. Samsung got in early with its Note range and got a fair amount of criticism for it. But, much to Samsung’s delight, Apple has recently followed suit with its iPhone 6 Plus. Both those phones pale into insignificance when compared to the Nabi Big Tab, however, which employed the services of a magician to show off its wares. 

Digital screens are becoming increasingly common, both small format and large format like the billboards seen in Auckland. And a growing number of brands seem to be trying to up the interactivity by using large touch-screens in their window displays, something local company iStoreFront offers. 

Interactive screens are also increasingly common for way-finding, they’re often seen in outdoor advertising campaigns and, as the video below shows, transparent glass, stretchable screens and e-ink are set to keep the changes coming. 

Wonder what the kids will think of unswipeable media when those ideas move into the mainstream. 

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