Magic cups for Magic Mike

To get Channing Tatum adorers ready for the upcoming launch of Magic Mike XXL, Fuse and OMD ran an activation to help support its other media by mass-producing some takeaway coffee cups with thermochromatic artwork with the Magic Mike cast on the front. And guess what happens when the cups get hot?

Ta da! The shirts come off. Not unlike those naked lady pens you might find in your Dad’s car glove box. See the cup in action here

The cups have been distributed to select cafes in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Fuse and OMD have also enlisted the help of a couple of muscley men to serve coffee outside of its branded mobile coffee van and pose for photos.

And while we’re on the topic of thermochromatic artwork we thought we’d grace our dear readers with a few more examples:

The Van Gogh missing ear mug:

The heat-sensitive urinal wall:

Heat-activated paint:

Heat-activated business cards (We bet Patrick Bateman would kill for this. It’s not the most practical idea, however):

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