LUMO’s new dynamic billboard campaign accomplishes impossible mission

Paramount has unveiled a new advertising campaign in collaboration with LUMO for “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One.”

This dynamic billboard campaign was launched nationwide in New Zealand on Saturday, July 8th.

For the first time in New Zealand, the campaign will see API data from Flicks being integrated into a dynamic billboard campaign, allowing LUMO screens across the country to display real-time movie session times in partnership with MBM, and Flicks.

The dynamic campaign delivers additional contextual and location relevance to commuters by providing the next three cinema session times for all neighbouring theatres. The information, displayed as a widget adjacent to the movie poster, can be targeted to showcase cinemas within a set radius of the screen.

“A blockbuster of this magnitude needed reach and scale which was the focus of our campaign, however this tech solution allowed us to think beyond the standard awareness play and drive relevant consideration to areas around the country offering a real value exchange for consumers” Julia Evans Group Business Director, MBM.

“This initiative melds the dynamic data capabilities of APIs with LUMO’s fibre-connected digital billboards, enabling real-time updates of movie schedules. This not only offers valuable information to movie-goers but also presents advertisers with a unique, engaging method to connect with potential audiences,” says Jamie Snow, of LUMO.

The concept emerged from discussions between LUMO and Flicks, following LUMO’s open invitation of data partners to join their ecosystem and provide clients with valuable data points. Paramount was the first to seize this opportunity, using it to launch their latest blockbuster with a competitive advantage in a bustling movie release schedule.

The four-week campaign consisted of a launch poster creative, a countdown for the final 10 days, an opening day ‘first screening’ times, and finally, the live rolling movie session times.

“Helping people find what films to watch and where to watch them, is at the very core of the pain point Flicks solves. Partnering with LUMO to deliver this campaign was a no-brainer and we believe is the start of something great for the local market.”

“Mission Impossible is going to be one of the biggest films of the year, and to be part of this market-first initiative alongside IP of this calibre is super exciting,” says Dan Michelle, Commercial Director at Flicks.co.nz.

Campaign Credits 

Client – Paramount Pictures NZ

Media Agency – MBM

Media Supplier – LUMO Digital Outdoor

Data Partner – Flicks.co.nz

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