Lumino lets the numbers speak, moves from tonsil hockey to saying cheese

When Lumino The Dentists launched its inaugural TV campaign back in 2011, winning Fair Go’s ‘coveted’ worst ad award probably wasn’t on the KPIs. MediaR’s director Tony Richards was a good sport when he collected the trophy, and, much like Lily Salter from Big Save furniture the year before, he said ‘New Zealand’s biggest kiss’ had actually worked brilliantly, despite the animosity shown towards it by some in the industry (and the Fair Go voters). But now, to the relief of some, the road-trip pash-fest has been replaced by saying cheese in its latest TV campaign. 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkibsevHACQRichards says the business grew around 60 percent last year and the campaign has helped grow prompted brand awareness from 22 percent to 70 percent. 

According to a release, the new series of two x 30s and eight x15s, which were shot by The Neighbourhood, “employ the same simplicity and warmth of the original TVC’s, building on the construct of a set of scenarios that are essentially the same moment, each with a slight difference”. 

The challenge was that smiles in television commercials are generally inherently cheesy, “something the agency worked hard to avoid”. 

Kerry Dunphy, marketing manager for Lumino The Dentists says it took a risk with the first campaign to avoid being conservative and forgettable and “it paid off in spades”. 

“I am hoping this campaign will be just as impactful,” she says. 

Richards says the client’s expectations have always been clear: to deliver an emotive, fresh and positive message about the value of a great smile.

“Once again we’ve delivered on the brief. We’re looking forward to another year of success,” he says


Client: Lumino The Dentists

Agency: mediaR

Client Contact: Kerry Dunphy

Creative: Paul Taylor

GAD: Tony Richards

Producer: Penny Hall

Production Company: theneighbourhood

Director: Paul Taylor

DoP: Ian McCarrol

Makeup: Cathy Pope

Offline Editor: Paul Taylor

Online Editor: Mike Stephenson

Music: Original score, Bob Kerrigan, Paul Tayl;or.

Media: Jess Eagles, Helma Mitchell – mediaR

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