Love your nature

Burt’s Bees has released a couple of new spots via Baldwin & Raleigh, which hit you right in the feels. One with a deaf musician and the other with an African American model with albinism.

In one spot, called ‘Silence’ a deaf musician talks about when she started losing her hearing and her journey to finding joy in music again through feeling the notes through vibrations.

She didn’t let her loss of hearing hold her back and still sung and played a variety of instruments.

In another, called ‘Different’ a young African American woman who was born with albinism tells the story of how hard it was growing up in the Bronx and getting teased and bullied over looking different. She eventually embraced her differences and was noticed by a photographer and took up a career as a model.

The ads both end with a reminder to ‘Love your nature’, fitting with Burt’s Bees brand, with its products being made out of natural ingredients.

This is a great example of brands seeking to emotionally connect with viewers and then linking the idea back to the brand purpose. People don’t want shouty ads anymore, they want to be told a story that connects with them and makes them feel inspired. 

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