Logan Brooke billboard too steamy for some

Compared with the positive reception of its flickering fire on its first billboard, Logan Brooke’s second billboard for Rinnai was too steamy for some, with five fire trucks turning up on Friday to put it out, after receiving reports that the steam was smoke and the building was on fire. The fire service disconnected it.

The steamy billboard was advertising “the endless hot water you get from Rinnai’s ultra-efficient Infinity gas water heaters,” and had been running since July 2, says Logan Brooke’s creative director Ben Chandler.

“It looked awesome with clouds of steam wafting across the intersection and we were getting some great feedback,” says Chandler. “But then some concerned citizens, thinking the building was on fire, called the fire department, who shut it off.”

He says the fire service was kind enough not to charge for the callout. 

“[The callers to the fire service were] probably the people from Rheem or something, our competitors,” he says (with a laugh).

He says Friday was in fact the second time it was disconnected. “The first night we had it up, someone got up there with a ladder and vandalised it – we noticed it the morning after.”

The billboard has been left cold and steamless for now. “We don’t want to get in hot water with the fire department,” says Chandler.

But will they take it down? “Hell no! The message still works.”

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