Lobo-sexual ad ensures you never insert you ear-buds innocently again

Just when you thought there was no such thing as an ad hung off the homoerotic relationship between a giant ear and a single overgrown German headphone, along comes Sennheiser.

Sennheiser, the German manufacturer of headphones, microphones and wireless systems, has released a series of pretty out-there new online ads to promote its new headphones, the Urbanite.

Dressed as a human Urbanite headphone, our main character is part creepy-salesman, part high-class rent boy (for the auditory clientele).

“I love ears, I waz born to pamper zem, to make zem feel oooo, sooo good,” he explains in a thick German accent.

“How’s that?” he whispers to the giant organ as he massages it on a polar bear rug in front of a candlelit liquid-dinner of champagne.

“Ahhh, you’re so stiff!” he groans as he rubs its outer lobe.

The campaign, called Let Your Ears Be Loved, launched on 11 September and one of its videos has already garnered more than one million hits.

Other videos have the headphone describe in evocative detail exactly what it is like being with the ear. And yet another has its audience taken through a suggestive anatomical tour of the ear, right down to the dangly bits.

The campaign is backed up by an Instagram competition that asks users to post an ear selfie for their chance to win free Urbanite headphones.

The German giant Sennheiser is trying to take on rival headphone producer Beats by Dre, which is now owned by Apple.

In June it launched a seven-figure campaign, and a partnership with Spotify, in an attempt to try and pinch some of Beats’ 18-34 year-old market.

These online ads aren’t for everyone, but it’s hard not to see the funny side.

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