Living Green and BC&F Dentsu highlight safety in latest campaign

Natural cleaning product company Living Green has launched a campaign introducing its latest range of products via BC&F Denstu.

The 30-second spot is seen through the eyes of a young boy who admits he has zero say in his life, or else why would he be dressing in primary colours, eating broccoli or going to bed early. The ad ends with him saying “the one thing I do ask is that you keep me safe.”

Grant Leach, chief executive of Living Green Group, says the cleaning category is under increasing competition so BC&F Dentsu “had to develop a campaign that would cut through and clearly communicate our message of being NZ’s most natural home cleaning range.”

Ryan Jordan, planning director at BC&F Dentsu, says when the team researched into why people choose natural cleaning products, it found people don’t necessarily dig too deep into what makes a brand more natural than another.

“The biggest thing they care about is safety. We wanted to demonstrate in a distinctive way, that Living Greens products weren’t only the most natural, but also the safest to use”

The campaign launched last week across TV, digital and print.

This ad comes after the recent campaign from Spark featured kids using the power of voice technology to find out if what they’ve been told is true. 


Production Company – Fish
Director – Paolo Rotondo

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