Liquorice strengthens offering with new talent line up

Just three months on from launch, local talent and content agency Liquorice is sweetening its roster of social media stars with five new fashion and beauty buffs joining the ranks.

The agency represents a host of diverse talent – Millie Elder-Holmes, Athena Angelou and viral social media sensation NZ Lockdown Memes to name a few – as well as a bevvy of clever creatives serving up social media content on-demand.

The newest additions to Liquorice’s line-up include stylist Lou Heller, creator Siposetu Duncan, makeup artist Kasia Stanicich, luxury business owner Sera Cruickshank and model India Josephs. All these additions boast style and substance, a combination that agency co-founder Gina Williams-Folau says can be hard to find in a sea of Insta-fame.

“Fashion and beauty are arguably the most saturated industries on social, so to see success, brands need to get product in the hands of modern muses who are much more than just a pretty face. These five ladies possess devoted communities that have been cultivated through trust – meaning their followers truly put into practice what they preach.”

Liquorice champions creators who have something to say and prides itself on delivering content that’s custom-built to meet the needs of fast-paced social. 

Williams-Folau says: “No longer can brands rely on campaign imagery and owned channels in silo – social is its own beast and its users crave a specialty diet of clever creative delivered by faces they trust.”

As well as fashion and beauty, the agency is shoulder-tapping creators across fields including sports, creative industries, motivation and business leadership, food and parenting.

“Smart brand managers know that the best influencer campaigns are targeted and speak to their bullseye market, and we’re building our books to help make that happen,” Williams-Folau adds.

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