‘Let’s tax this’: National rethinks Labour’s slogan

The National Party has gone on the offensive in recent weeks, taking aim at various aspects of the Labour Party’s campaign.

This trend has now been continued with a short new spot that reworks Labour’s well-received slogan from ‘Let’s do this’ to ‘Let’s Tax this’.  

Attack politics certainly aren’t palatable to everyone but it seems to be working with this week’s poll from Newshub showing a significant lift for the incumbent party.

Newshub political editor Patrick Gower also penned an opinion piece yesterday, in which he explained that National’s scare tactics were working while Labour’s vagueness on tax, in particular, was causing problems for the opposition party.

“Part of Labour’s problem is that it keeps ruling certain tax variations out during heavy interviews,” Gower says in his column. “That keeps the story going. And the problem now is there is no way out for Labour – it cannot backtrack on this. It has to take its vague tax policy all the way to the election – and National will hack at it every step of the way.”

Meanwhile, Labour has attempted to address accusations of vagueness with a series of videos, which serve to outline its policies across various areas of interest to voters.  


Whether this enough to pull the party out of what Gower called a “tax vortex” is yet to be seen. But you can rest assured National will continue jabbing until the final vote is counted.

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