LENS shows mass return of Kiwi audiences at the start of 2022

Digital out of home audience measurement platform LENS Analytics has shown through its traffic reports that Kiwis are back in large numbers following the summer break.

With the commencement of the holiday season, Auckland saw a 56.76 percent drop in traffic from December 20-27 and a further 96.4 percent drop from the December 20 to the January 3.

This data showcases the strong movement of Aucklanders to other regions for the break in combination with the lockdown fatigue the region was experiencing since August 18.

Now in January data shows 86 percent of normal traffic levels from the January 10 and 97 percent of normal traffic levels since January 17.

LENS’ Business Director Nikhil Elayat, who took up the position in July 2021, says these numbers show movement far greater than they were expecting.

“It was clear Aucklanders had itchy feet and were keen to get moving again following the August lockdown. Monday’s traffic shows now with work back underway, audiences are returning and many will be heading back into their normal routine,” he says.

Using data based on 32 LUMO Digital Outdoor sites across Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton and Tauranga, LENS Analytics proved an increase of vehicles around those markets, especially in NZ’s largest city as many Aucklanders felt free to move about with less restrictions.

The livestreaming data shows the accuracy of the LENS software and reporting, which was integral to many clients’ own planning during the extended lockdowns. Through its network, LENS was able to distribute 107 daily DOOH Audience Reports, which provided over 250 clients with up to date audience metrics reports across its nationwide network.

This involved data collation from LENS partner sites across the country which allowed it to actively keep clients informed on the changes in audience behaviour. These reports played a key role in driving revenue and market share growth for it’s partner LUMO Digital Outdoor with their active use of data to inform planning and lead screen bookings and subsequent revenue growth with record sales numbers during the lockdown.

Stacy Gattsche, LUMO’s General Manager of Sales, says it’s important the market was able to accurately understand the impact these lockdowns were having on audiences at specific LUMO sites or the entire network.

“The daily ‘DOOH Audience Reports’ provided by LENS enabled our sales team to build confidence that audiences were steadily returning as the various markets moved down Alert Levels over the last three months. There is no doubt that these reports made a significant contribution to our sales revenue results and growth in market share,” she says.

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