Let your imagination take control

Imagine being able to travel to a destination simply by imagining it. Well, with Russian Airline S7, you can in a sense with the Imagination Machine (created by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam in collaboration with Tellart), a unique installation that uses EEG-technology to turn participants’ minds into game controllers.

In a busy Moscow mall last week, as part of its ‘Fly to any place you can imagine’ campaign, the airline got participants to steer a small physical plane on a large two-metre projection-mapped globe with the power of their brain.

A release on the activation said: “Seated in front of the globe and having first been instructed to choose their destination, users are fitted with an EEG-brainwave headset that monitors brain activity throughout gameplay via a forehead biosensor and which determines a participant’s level of focus. This brainwave information is then sent from the EEG headset to the Imagination Machine’s algorithm that calculates the flight path in real-time to control and maneuver the plane.”

The participants had 45 seconds to make it to their chosen destination. The more focused a user was on their dream destination the closer the plane stuck to the ideal flight path. If users got distracted by the crowd or thought about other things, the plane veered off course.

Participants who were able to stay focused and guide the plane to their destination were rewarded with a physical plane ticket for a return trip to their dream destination.

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